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My name is Jo Eckersley and I’ve been working for Sheffield Flourish since June 2016 as Digital and Marketing Manager and more recently as Deputy Managing Director.

It’s been a real privilege working at the charity from the launch of this website, and seeing it grow and change as more and more Sheffield people have got involved.

The most important part of my role is facilitating the co-production process which we’ve used to develop the Sheffield Flourish community. Although I do a lot of the practical work on the website, our community lead us in the direction they think is right.

On a day to day basis this involves working with our superb editing panel and creative content producers to come up with monthly themes, events and get stories on the site. In April 2017 we were really excited to start running the Sheffield Mental Health Guide, and I’m now working with another talented team of people to collaboratively redesign this website. It’s a lot of fun.

I love the fact that every day is different here. Even better than that, I get to meet and spend time with such a wide range of creative and interesting people in this job. We have people from all different backgrounds involved in our community, which means we’re always being fed interesting and exciting ideas and perspectives. I also love the stories that come to us – beautiful, interesting and important.

Working with Sheffield Flourish has affected my life in a really positive way. One of the founding ideas behind Sheffield Flourish is that when people feel like they are doing something important, and feel valued, they flourish. This is definitely the case for me – I am part of a community working together to make a difference, and this is really rewarding.

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