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Do you have a story you’d like to share about your experiences of mental health? You might want to talk about the difficulties or distress you’ve faced, or how you’ve learnt to manage your mental health. Whatever story you’d like to tell, we’d like to hear it. Stories are published on the Sheffield Flourish website, and shared with their community.

Sheffield Flourish are running a workshop for anyone interested in sharing their story with them. They’ll be sharing a bit about who they are, looking at storytelling for specific audiences, and they’ll do some fun writing exercises. By the end of the session they aim for attendees to feel more confident in sharing their stories in a positive way, whether on Sheffield Flourish or out and about in Sheffield.

The workshop is on Thu 13th February from 10am – 12.30pm at Sheffield Flourish, Upper Floor, 4 Willey Street, The Wicker, S3 8JU.

This session is open to everyone and there are 15 free places available overall (and cake’s included!).

If you’d like to book a place please email info@sheffieldflourish.co.uk with a short sentence about why you’d like to come along. Please also let them know if you have any additional requirements.

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