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Find out more about what’s happening with mental health, in Sheffield and beyond.

    • Date Posted: August 2, 2018

      1 minute read

      This July we’re really pleased to be finally launching a new version of our ‘Need help now?’ section – a section of the website designed for people who are in crisis or need specific support over and above our normal content.

      We decided the section needed a rethink back when we were working with our Steering Group, and we worked with the community as well as the city’s Crisis Care Concordat to make sure the information represented a city-wide approach to crisis prevention and support.

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    • Date Posted: May 29, 2018

      2 minutes read

      It’s five months since we officially relaunched this website after a long and lovely coproduction process, and now we’re at it again. By ‘it’ we mean development. We know that digital tools date quickly, and we want to keep responding to the needs of our community. So, we’re building the website in an agile way: gathering and sharing ideas continually and consistently. So what’s happening next?

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    • Date Posted: April 12, 2018

      2 minutes read

      If you’ve had a chance to look around this website since we relaunched this year, you might have noticed that we’ve got a whole load of content on mental health conditions, and issues related to mental health. Most of this is based on the NHS, so it’s good, researched information. But as one of our writers eloquently argues on Sheffield Flourish, words matter. We wanted to refine it, in collaboration with our city’s citizens, to make the most of the expertise we have in these hills.

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