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  • Date Posted: February 19, 2018
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We made sure we shouted about it when we relaunched this website: we had a big event with 100 people, went on the radio and got ourselves in the newspaper. And we’re still busy plugging away at it now. But it’s not quite working!

We know from our day to day experience that there are people out there who need help but don’t know where to go, people who would benefit from knowing about this website. At least one in four people are affected by mental health, and we want to make sure every one of those people living in Sheffield knows about our website. It’s an ambitious plan…

SO, we need your help!

Will you spread the word for us? Here’s  a few ways you can easily help get the message out:

We’ve also got lots of promotional materials, so do get in touch if you’d like us to post you any, our email address is:

Or you can download digital versions here:

Thank you to everyone for all your help.

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