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    • Staying agile: our development plans
  • Staying agile: our development plans

  • Date Posted: May 29, 2018
  • 2 minutes read


It’s five months since we officially relaunched this website after a long and lovely coproduction process, and now we’re at it again. By ‘it’ we mean development. We know that digital tools date quickly, and we want to keep responding to the needs of our community. So, we’re building the website in an agile way: gathering and sharing ideas continually and consistently. So what’s happening next?

  • We met in March to look at the ‘Urgent Help’ section of this website, and see how we could make it more useful for our users, developments should be finished in July
  • We’re looking at something called ‘information architecture’ (in other words, how we organise our information in the website to make it easy to find) in a coproduction session with another digital organisation called Yoomee – do come along!
  • We’re looking for more feedback – so let us know if there’s something you think needs changing!
  • And we’re really pleased to say we just got funding to develop a new section of this website where people will be able to create their own personalised support plans – we’ll let you know when it all kicks off

Alongside this (yes, our tiny team are going to be busy!) we’re also looking at how we can take our sister website, Sheffield Flourish, to the next level.

Want to be involved? Let us know or sign up for our next session.

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