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  • Date Posted: January 11, 2018
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Our ambition, and the ambition of our funders Sheffield City Council, is for this website to be the primary source of information on mental health in Sheffield. We want as many people as possible to know about this website – from the person on the street to GPs, clinicians, and carers – first and foremost because we believe it’s a really useful resource. We also know that the more people who know about this website, the more people can help us continue to develop and improve it.

We’re humbled to be endorsed by these key members of the Sheffield mental health community.

“I have found the Mental Health Guide to be a very important resource over my career as a voluntary sector leader in Sheffield. I really like how Sheffield Flourish have co-designed the website to deliver a friendly, bright and very human guide that is easy to search and is very accessible. I also like the stories on the site and am encouraged to hear that this section will be expanded over time. Well done Sheffield Flourish!”

David Reynolds,  Executive Director, Sheffield Hospitals Charity

“I am really pleased to see the launch of the new Sheffield Mental Health Guide in association with Sheffield Flourish. I remember when it was a dusty and rather dry (although well thumbed) paperback and it is wonderful to see how it has grown into a modern, coproduced web resource. It is now easily accessible and beautifully illustrated by stories of Sheffield folk who have generously provided their own testimonies and stories which I hope will give strength to those who struggle to see a way forward. It will also be highly valued by students and professionals who also sometimes struggle to find good and reliable resources of help for people they are trying to help.”

Dr Helen Crimlisk, Deputy Medical Director, Sheffield Health and Social Care

“Mental health is so important in how we experience good health and wellbeing. As a GP, I have found one of the the most effective ways of supporting people to good longterm mental and physical health is helping them build their self-confidence, and knowledge  of what they can do for themselves.  This website will really help to connect people to support and activities that can help them cope with mental health challenges.”

Dr Ollie Hart, GP

“I think the Sheffield MH Guide could and should become an incredibly valuable single point of information for the public and health and social care practitioners. I want this digital platform to become ‘famous’ and well known so that it becomes highly recognised and is a first port of call for the public and practitioners. The power and value will be in keeping it completely up to date with live information on resources and services, easily accessible and completely trustworthy – this needs to be across lots of areas, not just ‘statutory services’ but including all aspects that will support the concepts of social prescribing, supporting self-care and prevention.”

Dr Steve Thomas, GP and Clinical Director at NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group

“The Sheffield Mental Health Guide helps make a reality a single go to source for people, whether those using or providing services, members of the public, friends or careers to find sources of information and help around mental health. The Guide is obviously owned by Sheffield and for Sheffield, this gives it more credibility and local ownership. It is owned by the people and the place, and offers curated sources of advice. The guide also helps us reset the balance between well being and illness and will help people find information that can help them before their needs become more intense. This has been a space that Sheffield Flourish has successfully developed over the years. It is something for the city to be rightly proud of.”

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health, Sheffield City Council

“Sooner or later, most of us will need to turn to someone for help (for ourselves or someone we care about). But knowing who to turn to can be hard. For more and more of us, the first step is to go online – where, fortunately, we will find the excellent Sheffield Mental Health Guide to help us. It offers a clear, simple, up-to-date and trusted guide to services across the city, along with a wealth of information, all in an empathic and non-judgmental way. I highly recommend it.”

James Munro, Chief Executive, Care Opinion

“In almost all the discussions we have about what helps people with their mental health, easy access to good information is a recurring message. With good information we are able to make choices that suit us and get the most out of what’s available locally, across the city or on-line. The Mental Health Guide is a fantastic resource, all about providing people with information and helping them make the connections they want to find activities, support or advice that will benefit them. Its been developed and designed with passion by people who have experienced for themselves what helps and what doesn’t and I’m really excited that it’s now up and running for the benefit of everyone in Sheffield.”

Jason Rowlands, Director of Strategy and Planning, Sheffield Health and Social Care

“Sheffield City Council is committed to giving people the information they need to help themselves and the people they care for. The mental health guide is for everyone. We are arming people with the information they need in the battle for good mental health.”

Melanie Hall,  Strategic Commissioning Manager, Mental Health, Sheffield City Council

“Site looks welcoming and I love that it includes personal stories.”

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