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Listening Ear is a registered charity and growing social enterprise that provide a range of emotional and psychological therapies and support services for children, young people and adults. They often work in partnerships with local authorities, the NHS, schools, local businesses, and trusts and foundations.

To find out more about Listening Ear you can watch this video about accessing the helpline and this video about being a helpline professional.

At present they offer a number of services. Not all services are offered in Sheffield so please check in advance.

Amparo – 088 9255

This service provides support for anyone affected by suicide. Support can be provided 1:1, to family groups, groups of colleagues or peers. The service is confidential and can provide short or longer term support. Amparo have produced two videos about this service. You can watch a video about being client and this video about being a professional.


This service offers group counselling for children and adults who have been affected by bereavement or other forms of loss (such as divorce and family separation).


Occupational Health Counselling – currently only available in Liverpool.


This service is a dedicated therapeutic pathway for children and young people affected by domestic abuse in the home. They offer 1:1 counselling in schools and colleges across Merseyside only.

For more information about their services, please click here.

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St Nicholas Centre, 70 Church Road, Halewood, Liverpool, L26 6LB