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Spirit of the Rainbow Heron is a Sheffield based organisation for young people.  Their mission is to inspire and fund creative activities by and for young people to promote mental wellbeing and challenge perceptions of mental health.

As well as one-off events they run other small projects including:

Late Night Art Cafe is on the last Sunday of the month, 7-11pm at the Sheffield Mind Wellbeing Centre on Sharrow Lane.  The cafe is for anyone who identifies as a young person and feels their mental health and wellbeing may benefit from a safe place to sit, read, play games, listen to music, talk and relax. There are also opportunities to take part in informal creative activities with volunteers and artists from different groups across Sheffield. Visitors are welcome to drop in for a while or stay until closing time. Activities are free of charge. Light and healthy refreshments will be available for free and guests will be invited to make a small contribution to costs if they are able.  All guests and volunteers are encouraged to bring their ideas, interests and skills and be fully involved in the development of the project.

For more information, contact charly.rainbowheron@gmail.com 

Sheffield Mental Health Activism Group who meet regularly, focusing on what changes they want to make for the future. They have developed a manifesto for promoting young people’s mental health in Sheffield. They also have a Facebook page.

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