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Storying Sheffield is a project based at the University of Sheffield about accessible and universal ideas such as narrative, storytelling, history, and the environment.

The project has many different strands, but in general it brings diverse people together to learn about and then produce stories and other creative representations of Sheffield people’s lives and identities, and more broadly about the ‘life’ of this major UK city, and its region. Storying Sheffield has worked with many different groups including people who are long-term users of mental health services, people with physical disabilities, older people, some who live with dementia, primary school students, new migrants to the UK, patients in secure hospitals, and others.

To find out more about the project, or if you would like to volunteer with it, please email Brendan Stone [] or David Forrest [].

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School of English, Jessop West, 1 Upper Hanover Street, Sheffield, S3 7RA