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Young Dementia UK is a charity that supports those whose lives have been affected by young onset dementia.

Dementia is considered ‘young onset’ when it affects people under 65 years of age.  It is also referred to as ‘early onset’ or ‘working age’ dementia.

Dementias that affect younger people can be rare and difficult to recognise.  People can also be very reluctant to accept there is anything wrong when they are otherwise fit and well, and they may put off visiting their doctor.

As well as a their website where there is a lots of information and resources available, Young Dementia UK also run support and care groups across the UK.

In Sheffield, a support group meets every month between 1.00-3.00pm and provides an opportunity for you to meet new people, try out activities and access information about young onset dementia. For more information, contact,


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Contact Information

Young Dementia UK, PO Box 315, Witney , Oxfordshire, OX28 1ZN