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Share Psychotherapy is a Sheffield-based organisation and registered charity offering psychotherapy services to everyone, including those who are economically disadvantaged or who, for other reasons, cannot obtain such help. Costs for therapy sessions depend on individual annual incomes and operate on a sliding scale, ranging from £10 – £50 a session for individual therapy and £10 – £30 for group therapy. They also have a student rate of £15 per session (regardless of income).

Share currently offer art therapy, person-centred psychotherapy, psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy, dance movement psychotherapy, integrative therapy and group psychotherapy, and work with a variety of problems, including difficulties with relationships, depression and anxiety.

Initially all enquirers are sent an information booklet, which contains brief information on all the therapies currently on offer, and a registration form. Alternatively, this information can be downloaded from the Share website.

Upon receiving your application, Share will offer an initial assessment appointment, which can last up to 90 minutes. Referrals can be made by the individual, a GP or by any mental health professional. Waiting times for regular appointments can vary, depending on your availability, the current waiting list, and the type of therapy needed.


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