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The Veterans Outreach Service provides mental health and welfare support to people who have been in the military and their families.  The service recognises that after leaving military service it can be confusing to find your way around the mental health system and know best where to find help.

They want to hear from veterans and their families who are concerned about their mental wellbeing or are worried that they may have mental health difficulties. This could include difficulty sleeping, feeling anxious, feeling low, relationship difficulties, irritability or problems controlling anger, difficulties in relaxing or switching off, recurring memories of past events, or difficulty making the transition to civilian life.

An outreach therapist, who is trained in mental health and experienced in working with ex-military personnel, will listen to your difficulties and help you try and make sense of them. They can offer advice and support and work with other services to help get you what you need to get back on track. This could include support with housing, finances and employment as well as mental health.

The service is open to anyone living in Yorkshire who has completed one or more days of service with the British armed forces, is a Reservist not currently deployed, or a family member of military personnel.

The service operates an open referral system and people can refer themselves or anyone else by contacting the service directly.

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