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  • Get busy and active

    ‘Getting active’ isn’t about starting a bootcamp. Everyone has different abilities and circumstances and it is about making small, lasting changes in your lifestyle to incorporate being more active.

    This will help you to keep lower rates of anxiety and depression, and boost your mood and wellbeing.

    Simple adjustments could be:

    • Walk up the stairs, instead of taking the lift.
    • Do something active in your lunch break
    • Learn some suitable stretches – keeping as full a range of movement as possible helps maintain independence
    • Get off the bus one stop earlier or later than usual and walk the final part of your journey to work/home
    • Some of the healthiest activities of all are very gentle – yoga, tai-chi, pilates
    • Have a kick-about in a local park
    • Do basic exercises from your chair
    • Instead of calling/emailing, stretch your legs and walk to someone’s desk instead
    • Do the housework and gardening

    If you’d like to know more about being active, check out some of these local and national organisations:

    • Sheffield International Venues run a variety of physical activity classes at their various sites across the city.
    • Move More aims to increase physical activity in Sheffield, so that our city becomes the most active city in the UK by 2020 and sees improvements in the health and wellbeing of Sheffield residents! Use the finder on the website to find what activities are on in Sheffield that you can be involved with.
    • Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme (SPARS) is for Sheffield people with health conditions who want to increase their physical activity.  Criteria on their website.
    • If you have disabilities and would like some support to find activities suitable for you, you can get in touch with Disability Sheffield or check out their factsheets.
    • The English Federation of Disability Sport support disabled people to find opportunities to get active.  Their website has resources and can be searched for inclusive gyms and events.
    • Change for Life has lots of fun ideas and tips to help families (or individuals) eat healthier and be more active.

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