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    We’re not suggesting everyone goes back to school, “keep learning” is about trying something new and developing from it. Pushing our boundaries can really increase our confidence and self-esteem, particularly if it results in learning a new skill! Keep learning is about continued curiosity, development and education. By taking part in this “way to wellbeing”, you’re always encountering something new, and are likely to encourage a more active and social life as well as develop your confidence.

    Keep learning doesn’t have to be about something new, you could also reconnect with an old forgotten hobby, or re-learn a language you’ve become a bit rusty on.

    Set out to learn something new today:

    • Read the news or a book
    • Do a crossword or Sudoku
    • Research something you’ve always wondered about
    • Take out a book from the library
    • Learn a new word
    • Sign up for a class (educational or otherwise)
    • Learn a new recipe
    • Go to an exercise class
    • Find out something new about your friends or family


    Join a class or a group to learn something new, and maybe also meet people with similar interests?

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    Sheffield College offers courses from entry level to foundation degree level.

    Sign up to a free online course at Future Learn.

    Check out the Activities page for groups and events in Sheffield.

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