Men Up North: Informal Meetups – 3rd Wednesday

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Men Up North run informal meet ups for men. These are a safe space for men to share how they are feeling, listen to others, and feel part of a community. The meet up on the 3rd Wednesday of the month meets at 108 The Moor, 7-9pm.

They also meet:

  • On the first Wednesday of the month at 108 The Moor, 7-9pm
  • On most Sundays (weather permitting) at Grimesthorpe Allotment, 12-3pm

You are not required to sign up to join the meet up. They are informal and run by volunteers. They are not coaching sessions or group therapy but are still a safe place to share, listen and gain an understanding of the different issues faced by men regarding mental health, and what it means to be a man in the present day.

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