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The Children & Young People’s Empowerment Project (Chilypep) works to involve young people aged 8-25 in the policy and decision making of services and organisations which affect them in Sheffield. Their purpose is to promote the rights, wellbeing and opportunities of all young people across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Currently they are involved in the following projects and campaigns:

  • STAMP (Emotional Wellbeing) Support, Think, Act, Motivate, Participate (STAMP) is a group of young people aged 14 – 25 who promote the mental health & wellbeing of young people in Sheffield through campaigning and sessions on mental health to other young people.
  • Belonging, Resilience, Vocabulary The Belonging, Resilience, Vocabulary (BRV) project works with young men and boys in Sheffield and Barnsley to help them achieve a sense of belonging, resilience and improved understanding of themselves.
  • Peer Mentoring Chilypep works with young people to set up peer mentoring projects to support other young people.
  • Recovery & Empowerment Partnership This is a project to support and engage with young women and girls 16-25 who have experienced domestic abuse in all its forms.
  • Rubic (Respect and Understanding – Building Inclusive Communities) Working with Young Community Leaders to help resolve community tensions between different communities, ethnic groups and nationalities and become community anchors for other young people in North Sheffield. The project also involves a support group for young refugees and asylum seekers.
  • BRIGHT This project is in partnership with The University of Sheffield to encourage children to clean their teeth and value dental hygiene in a fun, creative and engaging way.
  • OASIS (Opening Up Awareness & Support & Influencing Services) This is Chilypep’s Barnsley-based group for young people who want to change and influence mental health services.
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Chilypep, 11 Southey Hill, Sheffield, S5 8BB