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There are various psychiatric in-patient services in Sheffield, including beds for patients requiring admission during an acute phase of mental illness, wards for older adults, rehabilitation services, and a number of specialist beds, alongside those requiring in-patient medically assisted withdrawal from drug or alcohol misuse.

Below is a list outlining these services – please click on the links for more detailed service information.

Acute General Admission Psychiatric Wards:

The aim of the acute psychiatric in-patient wards is to offer assessment, provide treatment in a safe and therapeutic setting and prepare patients to be looked after in the community. Service users may be admitted voluntarily or detained under the Mental Health Act or a Community Treatment Order.

Stanage Ward – Michael Carlisle Centre, 75 Osborne Road, Sheffield S11 9BF

Tel: 0114 271 8063 Website:

Burbage Ward – Michael Carlisle Centre, 75 Osborne Road, Sheffield S11 9BF

Tel: 0114 271 8080 Website:

Maple Ward – The Longley Centre, Norwood Grange Drive, Sheffield S5 7JT

Tel: 0114 226 1607 Website:


Older Adults In-Patient Ward:

This ward is an in-patient mental health assessment, treatment and rehabilitation wards for adults aged 65+ who also have older age and physical health problems.

Dovedale Ward – Michael Carlisle Centre, 75 Osborne Road Sheffield S11 9BF

Tel: 0114 271 8170 Website:


Low Secure Services:

Forest Lodge is a low-secure in-patient facility for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for Mentally Disorder Offenders.

Referrals are accepted from prisons, the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and other secure units. The service user must be detained under the Mental Health Act.

Forest Lodge – 5 Forest Close, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, S35 0JW

Tel: 0114 2716051 Website:


Rehabilitation Services:

The care teams at Forest Close provide long-term individual care to people with severe and enduring mental health needs who require 24 hour support that cannot be provided at home or on an acute psychiatric ward.

Referrals are accepted primarily from acute psychiatric services, specialist secure units and forensic teams, and SPA.

Forest Close – 1 – 4 Forest Close, Oughtibridge, Sheffield S35 0JW

Tel: 0114 271 6098 Website:


Endcliffe Ward: Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU):

This is a locked unit providing 24-hour care for people with complex needs requiring a safe, controlled environment with high intensity nursing care and risk management.

PICU – The Longley Centre, Norwood Grange Drive, Sheffield S5 7JT

Tel: 0114 226 1615 Website:


G1 Ward

G1 ward is a highly specialised ward for the assessment and treatment of people with severe dementia and associated challenging or highly distressing behaviour, whose care and treatment cannot be managed by any other service.

G1, Grenoside Grange Hospital – Saltbox Lane, Sheffield S35 8QS

Tel: 0114 271 8445 Website:


Wainwright Crescent

Wainwright Crescent is a 12-bed residential step-down provision for service users discharged from the Trust’s inpatient wards.

Wainwright Crescent – 48 Wainwright Crescent, Richmond, Sheffield, S13 8EN

Tel: 0114 2652503; Website:

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