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Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN) is an online directory for Muslim counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and counselling psychologists in the UK.

They provide information on mental health and work to raise awareness of the important of mental wellbeing in Muslim communities.  MCAPN encourage the Muslim community to access therapy, counselling or therapeutic support. This includes working with partnership organisations across the country. On their website, MCAPN provide a blog for both service users and practitioners.

For Muslim mental health professionals

Professional members of MCAPN have access to exclusive content, including an online mentoring scheme, networking events and resources. Email if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a member.

For Muslims seeking mental health support

MCAPN also provide an online counselling directory which is a list of private, qualified and registered Muslim counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. They offer a variety of therapeutic models as well as face to face or online counselling.

Covid update 14/12/21: Most services continue under covid-safe conditions but may be experiencing changes to how or when they deliver their service. Contact MCAPN (Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network) directly for the latest information.

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