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The Men’s Health Forum is a charity working to improve the health of men and boys in England, Wales and Scotland. They have a website with information and resources about a variety of mental and physical health issues.

What do they do?

  • Conduct research with universities, other charities, health practitioners and men who experience health inequalities
  • Awareness raising
  • Men’s health advocacy
  • Share and encourage the latest good practice through conferences, training and consultancy.
  • Provide health information and advice through their ‘Man Manuals’ and online forum where you can ask questions about male health.

Covid update 28/06/21: Most services continue under covid-safe conditions but may be experiencing changes to how or when they deliver their service. Contact Men’s Health Forum directly for the latest information.

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Contact Information

The Men's Health Forum, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH