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Mums In Need is a Sheffield-based charity who support mothers to overcome emotional and abusive relationships and coercive control. They aim to help mothers get their confidence and lives back, and to once more feel in control.

Mums In Need provide their users with the life skills they need to overcome their fears and find a way through the intimidation. They recognise that there are many organisations that help women leave domestic abuse situations but they aim to provide the understanding and resources to cope with the ongoing and psychological abuse that is common post-separation. They empathise that it can be an isolating and despairing situation with impacts on all aspects of life.

Their services include:

  • A tailored service to each individual woman, with a community of fellow-survivors, experienced professionals and the support they need.
  • A range of support services, including:
    • Counselling
    • 1:1 sessions with a caseworker
    • Legal support through the family court
    • Self-esteem and stress management workshops
    • Yoga and well-being sessions
    • Massage and beauty treatments
    • Financial workshops

There is no set charge for their support, but they occasionally ask for a small donation for some sessions, to help keep the charity running. If you would like support you can contact them via email: or phone: 0800 852 7414 and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can to arrange a pre-screening consultation.

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