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  • Autism, ADHD & learning disabilities
  • Physical health & disability

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Safe Places aims to support vulnerable people to feel safe when they are out and about in Sheffield. If someone needs help – for example they are lost, ill or frightened – then they can enter the nearest safe place to get help. The Safe Place can provide people with a temporary refuge until a helper comes or until they feel able to leave again.

The project consists of a network of businesses and organisations across Sheffield that are committed to ensuring the safety and dignity of people who join the scheme. Safe Places can be found on the map on the website. Stickers like the one near the top-right of this page are placed in the window of all the registered safe places.

If you want to use Safe Places, you can complete an application form to become a member. You will be sent a free pack with a Keep Safe Card in it. You can write a helper’s information on this and carry it with you.

The Safe Places project is run by Sheffield City Council and Heeley City Farm. For more information see the Sheffield Safe Places website.

Covid update 04/10/21: Most services continue under covid-safe conditions but may be experiencing changes to how or when they deliver their service. Contact Sheffield Safer Places directly for the latest information.

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Sheffield Safe Places, Heeley City Farm, Richards Road, Sheffield, S2 3DT