St Wilfrid’s Centre

  • Alcohol, drugs & addiction
  • Autism, ADHD & learning disabilities
  • Housing issues

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St Wilfrid’s is a local charity for homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded adults (18-65), providing basic welfare services and activities to promote wellbeing and independence. They support those with mental health issues, clients with learning disabilities, those recovering from addictions or those that are finding it difficult to cope and are socially excluded.

The personal development, welfare opportunities and services they provide include:

  • Hygiene services – showers, hairdressing, laundry, clothing repair and clothing bank.
  • Hot meals & snacks.
  • Support in finding accommodation.
  • A safe space to meet and socialise with others.
  • Advice, advocacy & signposting – including benefits, housing & personal advice.
  • Social activities, games & groups.
  • Personal Development Programme – offers a wide variety of personal development activities structured to help facilitate recovery, life-skills & work-based skills.
  • Skill Workshops run five days a week, morning and afternoon and provide training and mentoring for clients in woodwork, print-work and laser-work. On Friday mornings the skills workshop run a woman only session.

Access to their services are via self or agency referral or you can just turn up at the door if you wish. Please note St Wilfrid’s is a ‘dry’ centre which means those under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed until the building.

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Opening times are Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm

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