The Corner

  • Alcohol, drugs & addiction
  • Children & young people

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The Corner is a free and confidential substance misuse service for young people in Sheffield.

They provide support and advice to young people aged 10-18 who are experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol.

They provide advice and information to family members and significant others who may be worried about or affected by a young person’s substance misuse.

They also offer one to one support, group work, a prescribing service and prescribing treatment to young people experiencing problems with opiates, harm reduction advice, needle exchange service and training for professionals.

The Corner also offers telephone advice and information to clients, their families and workers. You can call for more information or to arrange an appointment.

For more information and advice please access their website.

*Covid Update 03/02/21: The Corner continue to operate their services however they are minimising face to face contact and adapting their work practices. Contact them directly for more details.

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