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Learning disabilities: your health

It is important to look after your health if you have a learning disability.

Luckily there is lots of support available for you.

You can get your health checked once a year.

This is called an Annual Health Check, and it is done by your doctor or nurse.

If you have any urgent health problems now then please telephone your GP Surgery now  (do not wait for a Health Check).

Watch Mencap’s video below to see people with a learning disability talking about what happens at an Annual Health Check.

Anyone aged 14 and older with a learning disability can get the Annual Health Check.

Learning Disability Register

Ask your GP to check if you are on the learning disability register.

Why you should go

Your doctor is there to help you.

If there is anything wrong, they can help you with it before it gets worse.

They can give you ideas for staying healthy.

What to expect

At the Annual Health Check you will see a doctor or nurse who will ask you about how you are feeling.

It takes up to one hour, but may be quicker

They will check your blood pressure, and other things about your body.

They will ask you about any medicines you take.

And the food you eat.

They will test your blood and your wee.

Your Doctor or Nurse will follow the latest guidance about keeping safe due to coronavirus.

If you are worried, remember:

  • You can bring someone with you.
  • Ask the doctor to explain anything you do not understand.
  • You can say no to any part of the Health Check you do not like.

Find out more about the Annual Health Check

If you are autistic

If you are autistic you can find out more about your health on this website.

How your doctor can help you

Your GP should be able to support you to make things easier when you visit.

You can share this webpage with your doctor so they know more about how to support you.

More videos to watch

This video is about the Annual Health Check:

This video is about looking after your mental health:

Other information for you

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