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Autism: your health

We should all look after our health, but this can be especially important if you are autistic.

Your doctor is there to support you with your health.

Why health is important

Autism can make looking after your own health harder.

For example, people with autism may have sensory sensitivity which makes things like visiting the doctor more difficult.

There are a range of health conditions associated with autism, including:

What you can do

Your doctor can look at any signs of health issues and give you support if there is anything wrong.

If you have a health issue, they can help you with managing it.

Your doctor should make reasonable adjustments to make things easier for you:

  • Make sure your doctor knows about your diagnosis.
  • Tell your doctor what they can do to help make things easier for you.
  • There might be things they can do differently to make you feel more relaxed, like taking their time explaining things, or not giving too much eye contact.

It can help to know what to expect, so we’ve included links to more information around health and autism at the bottom of this page.

If you are experiencing mental health problems, we can signpost you to help and support in Sheffield. Just get in touch with us.

If you have a learning disability

If you have a learning disability as well as autism, you can get extra support through the Annual Health Check.

How your doctor can help you

Your doctor should be able to support you to make things easier when you visit.

You can share this webpage with your doctor so they know more about how to support you.

Information related to health and autism

Information on specific issues

This page was co-produced, last updated: 03/10/23

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